Women in Trade Magazine

No.12 Winter Edition 2016/17 | Honesty is the Best Policy


Women in Trade Magazine is a stylish independent publication. The first tradeswomen-focused magazine in the UK; it simply exists to enrich lives with articles covering: wellbeing, trade news, self & interviews with inspirational women.

Our WINTER EDITION Honesty is the Best Policy is now live! We’re on the quest for truth in this winter edition which marks the third birthday of Women in Trade. On the cover: the delightfully authentic ALEX POLIZZI AKA The Hotel Inspector. Nicky Hambleton-Jones, former 10 Years Younger host shares her core values & we speak to 4 inspirational women in the food trade. We feature Charlie Benton in our 1st Tradesmen Spotlight.

What People Are Saying

Sami Blackford
25th September 2016

“I love that the magazine has a very positive vibe to it. I have to say it is very refreshing. There's none of the "you need to be this body size and shape so try this diet, oh but here's a wonderful recipe for chocolate fudge cake..." that is usually found in 'women's' magazines.  For that, I have to say: BRAVO!  Sami Blackford | www.freyaluna.co.uk

Ching He-Huang, Emmy Nominated TV Chef & Food Writer (Our Summer 2015 Cover)
23rd June 2015

"Big thanks to Women in Trade for featuring me in their summer edition. A really stylish online publication " - Ching He-Huang (Our Summer 2015 Cover).  How a Wok changed Ching's life, read her story on Page 68 Summer Food & Drink Issue 2015.

18th April 2015

"Just caught up with the latest issue of Women in Trade Magazine.  I want to round up my friends and take on the world!  Feeling empowered!" - Natalie Moloney, Pink Lemonade Productions

Gabriella Clark, Mind Health Movement
19th January 2015

"your magazine sounds greatly needed in the current and future industry. A magazine of this nature is the kind that a women might like to publically show they read."


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